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Concept Attainment Learning Strategy BrainPOP Educators.

Concept Attainment Model •It is “the process of defining concepts by finding those attributes that are absolutely essential to the meaning and disregarding those attributes that are not” Gunter, Estes, & Schwab, 2003, p. 81 •Is a product of students’ engagement in the process of defining concepts. The Concept Attainment strategy engages students in forming their own definition of a concept by examining the attributes of several examples and non-examples of the word, concept, or topic. The model can be used at any grade level and subject area and for almost any skill: grammatical concepts, the content topic of a BrainPOP ELL movie, or even spelling rules. Concept Attainment: The Most Compelling of the Inductive Teaching Methods.Introduction. Of all the teaching methods I have tried, the concept attainment approach requires the most careful preparation. However, the results are compelling. This method is a more focused approach than the. A chalk board or white board, pictures of examples and non-examples, sticky tack or tape for putting them on the board. Instructional Phases. Phase 1 Focus. Introduce the process of concept attainment to the students. Draw a t-chard on the board and label one side “yes” and. Rather than use direct instruction, I used another model of instruction: concept attainment. Concept Attainment. A concept attainment lesson utilizes inductive thinking and encourages students to construct their own understanding. Used strategically, concept attainment causes student engagement to skyrocket. STEPS. Begin with a chart: two columns and then a single cell at the bottom. Label the two.

Example concepts that can be introduced using this strategy: • Use this strategy to help students understand and identify figures of speech. For example, if the concept to be developed was proper nouns, examples could be: Tom Jones, Toyota, Toshiba, Abraham Lincoln, China, etc. We found 231 reviewed resources for concept attainment.Concept Attainment Model: Volume and Surface Area.4th - 7th. Using a concept attainment approach, learners identify surface area and volume by sorting examples photos that depict each concept positive from those that don't negative. Concept attainment teaching method: categorizing and hypothesizing about examples and nonexamples Of all the inductive teaching methods, this one, is clearly my favorite. Students learn content while establishing their confidence as learners. Concept Attainment: The Most Compelling of the Inductive Teaching Methods See more. Nov 21, 2015 · The teacher using the reception model of concept attainment should choose the concept, select and organize the material into positive and negative examples and sequences the examples: For this the teacher has to keep the material well structure. Thus the teacher acts as a recorder. Later he presents cues and additional data. He is a supportive. Apr 20, 2013 · Concept attainment model.Support systemRequirement of the lesson for the concept attainmentare the part of the support system i.e. Positive examples &Negatives examples the datashould be known before hands and attribute visible Requirement of the media for presenting the examplesBlackboard for recording the attribute describe by thelearner.

Based on the examples provided, students determine the common attributes. 4. Once students have had a chance to hypothesize on the essential attributes of the concept, discuss which column Yes or No they think the examples belong. Mathematics. Concept Attainment. Concept attainment is a structured inquiry process to help bring meaning to new. A concept is “the network of inferences that are or may be set into play by an act of categorization” Bruner, Goodnow, and Austin 1956:244. The pattern of decisions leading to concept attainment involve the following five general factors: 1 the definition of task; 2 the nature of the examples encountered. How does the concept attainment model work? Restart the video and pause again at 2:46. Ask: Explain why concept attainment works using an example. When and why do educators use the concept. Concept Attainment Example 2 Word templates that you may use with your students are under " strategy template ". When planning your lessons out, you should fill out the student worksheets to provide an idea of what students will be doing.

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