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In the year 1968 Dean Koontz released his first novel titled: Star Quest. It was the first of over a dozen science fiction novels that followed. Dean has published over a hundred pieces of work to date, mostly of the suspense-thriller genre that heavily involve science fiction. His books incorporate other genres, adding variety to each release. Koontz has been publishing books, stories, novellas, comics, and graphic novels for six decades, using his own name and the pseudonyms K.R. Dwyer, Aaron Wolfe, Brian Coffey, Leigh Nichols, Owen West, Richard Paige, Deanna Dwyer, Leonard Chris, and David Axton. 145 rows · The Frankenstein Series 5-Book Bundle: 2012 Bantam Bantam Oddkins: 2012 Mel Parker. Dean Koontz is an extremely prolific author known for his suspense thriller novels. However, he also adds elements of other genres such as horror, sci-fi, mystery and satire. Koontz has had 12 hardcovers and 14 paperbacks make 1 on the New York Times Bestseller List. He has written under the pen names of David Axton, Gerda Ann Cerra and Brian Coffey. Dean Koontz Books into Movies.The list continues with a 2000 movie release from his book Sole Survivor and the novella Black River in the year after, from his book under the same name. 2004 was the highlight with the release of Frankenstein the movie adapted from his four series books. Besides the Hollywood big screens.

The following paragraphs list the top 10 books written by Dean Koontz in their chronological order, not in the order of any ranking. Some of these novels have movie adaptations as well. Read on the know the names of the most popular books written by this author, which were best loved by readers all over. Jane Hawk Series. 5 primary works • 6 total works. Jane Hawk, an FBI agent on leave, attempts to bring down a conspiracy causing happy, sound-of-mind people to commit suicide. 4.45 · 5396 Ratings · 822 Reviews · published 2019 · 21 editions 1 New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz. I would just like to tell you that when I read your post I had to look it over to see if I maybe posted it at an earlier time because it sounds so like what I would say and Watchers was my first Dean Koontz book and also my favorite. Dean Koontz is also my favorite author and I love to read his books. I recently started collecting his books. Proposed Reading Order For Dean Koontz Books.The Frankenstein Series. then, The Odd Thomas Series. then, work your way forward through his stand-alone novels starting at From the Corner of His Eye 2000 feel free to skip the novella’s then, if you are truly addicted, you can read his older stuff: stand-alone books, early series and novella’s. Complete information about Dean Koontz books both fiction and non-fiction, short stories, and poetry. Provides a summary of each fiction novel, including pseudonyms used, and books made into movies and audio books.

The “Frankenstein” series by Dean Koontz is both a modern update and sequel of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” novel. That being said, the similarities between the two are superficial. It is set in modern day New Orleans, and follows Victor Helios who is supposed to be Victor Frankenstein, and has survived into the twenty-first century.

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