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A very thin 1mm piece of Vibram Red Rubber or the new Casali Mirror Protectors can be placed over the part of the sole that catches the wear. This process preserves the original soles from wearing out any farther and requiring replacement at a later time. Protect Our Sole provides the best sole protector for Christian Louboutin red soles, red bottoms and designer heels.

protect Christian Louboutin with Sole Guard. Clear adhesive sole protectors used for Christian Louboutin sole. Sole Guard offers the best custom fitted sole protectors for red bottoms and designer shoes. None slippery material that removes easily. Extend the life of your shoes and heels. Take care of your shoes. Vibram is an Italian manafactuer of rubber soles that offers a variety of protective sole options including a red sole protector specifically designed for Louboutins. These half rubber soles are only 1mm in thickness and are made to be applied by a shoe-maker or repairer to the bottom half of the soles. Best Ever. I have purchased over 12 Louboutin shoes over the years and have tried many Sole covers/replacements to maintain its red beauty. This is the ONLY protector I can personally say that has been the BEST Ever!

So we worked with Soletech, Inc. to develop red sole protectors to match Christian Louboutin® shoes. This thin, rubber, non-slip sole saver will keep those red soles looking red while providing more comfort and fashion. They can be applied to new or slightly worn shoes. Sep 19, 2011 · I tried sole stopperz and they didn't save the sole! In fact they slid off and the paint still wore off, but then there was glue all over it. Then I tried to have yummychouchou's red soles attached and the cobbler butchered my shoes. My advice to you would be not to mess with the soles. The paint wears off$1.Mr. Louboutin intended it too. Please note, the red lacquer on our soles will wear off with the use of the shoes. This is not a manufacturing defect of the shoes; it is usual wear and tear. Christian Louboutin strongly recommends that our customers consult a leather care professional or a shoemaker for specific care advice. In.

Protect the red soles of your Christian Louboutin shoes by applying our Protective Sole Strips. These strips are easy to apply to the sole of your shoes with their self adhesive, simply peel back the adhesive protective film and apply to the ball area of your soles, then simply trim off the excess. Protection Protect your Christian Louboutin shoes with our range of shoe protection products, designed to help you extend the life of your shoes whilst providing maximum protection.

Sole Protectors A protective sole is applied to extend the life of the original leather sole and decrease slippage. Our protective soles are available in different colors and materials.

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